I am asked all the time, "why hot pink heels?" The only reason people aren't asking "why hot pink heel caps" Is because they don't know what that part of a shoe is called. A heel cap is also called a top lift by the most savvy shoe industry people. I attended my first Advisory Board meeting and called it "the rubber thing that I always had to replace" To which my Board Members said, "please go home and learn all the parts of a shoe before our next meeting" Oops.

Anyway, back to why hot pink...First of all, I happen to love hot pink, gold and white. Those are my favorite colors to wear with black in a close fourth place. Actually, if it were socially acceptable, the entire interior of my house would be just like that of Tony Montana (Al Pacino in Scarface). I think it was August 2016 when I was staring at my pink neon sharpie thinking about how much I loved the color. It has a lot of energy and its just fun. I loved writing with it. I thought I should use that color on a shoe but how? An entire hot pink shoe might be a little much. Even an entire heel in hot pink...still too much. Obviously I can't paint the sole in hot pink. There is a certain French designer that fiercely defends his red-bottom shoes. So that left the heel cap and I thought, "thats the perfect amount of hot pink" I thought it would be temporary and just something I would do during October 2016 which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I gave 10% of sales to Siteman Cancer Research Center in St. Louis. But here is what happened...In November the shoes on my website all sent back to having regular black or brown heel caps and I got calls and emails asking where the pink heel caps had gone. My wonderful customers loved the pink. I would then make ALL heel caps pink. Wait....wrong again. I had my attorney customers (there are a lot of them) unhappy. "I can't wear hot pink heels in court!" So for now, they're optional but I really really want to only make #hotpinkheelcaps at some point.

The original heel caps for Claire Flowers were star-shaped. One of my biggest disappointments to-date is that I wasn't able to have star-shaped heel caps on my very first pairs of shoes. I have a factory in Brazil, I actually have three factories, but primarily use the only in Brazil. They weren't able to get the heel cap and the heel to take on the same star-shape in the appropriate proportions so I shelved the idea for later. Now in September 2017, I'm ready to introduce the star-shape. Down the road, I want the heel caps to be hot pink and star-shaped. I just have to be careful that my shoes don't take on a Fisher Price-esque look. The next blog will be about Starr & Wales, the original name of my company and why I went with Claire Flowers.