What is the Lonely Shoes Club?

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What is the Lonely Shoes Club?

First, some background: as many of our customers know, the Claire Flowers brand does not run sales or otherwise liquidate merchandise online or in stores…this ensures the exclusivity and quality you value from my line, especially the Hot Pink Heel Cap featured in many of the designs. When there isn’t sufficient inventory of a shoe or seasons change, they are replaced with a fresh style online and in stores.

But there’s one problem – many times there are just a few sizes of these “lonely” shoes just waiting for the right person to come along. What to do with those fabulous shoes who haven’t yet made it to a good home, where they can be lovingly worn and meet other classy shoes in a warm and safe closet? It’s almost too sad to bear the thought! Enter the Claire Flowers Lonely Shoes Club membership and rewards program


Why do a membership program?

1. Because those lonely shoes need a good home!

2. Because our very best customers deserve some perks!

The success of Claire Flowers shoes would not be possible without our many brand evangelists, from coast-to-coast, telling their friends and family about my line. I thought those customers deserve something more than great, quality-made shoes (because we all deserve those, right.

How does it work?

Membership costs $40 per year, but upon signup through October 5th, you will have a $40 Gift Card sent to you, meaning you have FREE access to the Lonely Shoes Club. You’ll choose your unique user name and password and be given access to the many perks I thought my best customers would appreciate:

  • Members-only access to the “lonely shoes” unavailable to the general public
  • 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise
  • Early access to exclusive events and private trunk shows

As a Lonely Shoes Club member, you’re the first to know about new styles, special pricing, and all things Claire Flowers. Thank you for joinging and supporting the Claire Flowers brand on this journey, and for wearing some dynamite shoes while we’re on it

In good style,


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