Claire Flowers’ new fall collection adds flats and loafers

Two new styles have been added to the local shoe line, which creates comfortable and durable heels.

By Courtney Scott August 31, 2017


Claire Flowers found herself rapidly going through pairs of shoes as she traveled weekly for work. “My high heels couldn’t keep up with my lifestyle,” she says. “I thought, 'There has to be a pair of shoes out there that are more durable, more comfortable, but still cute.'”

Flowers, who has a science, math, and technology background, launched her shoe line in December of 2014. She designs the shoes in St. Louis and uses factories in Brazil, Portugal, and India to create the finished products.

“I try to pick mostly classic colors and color combinations because the woman that typically buys my shoes is not into fast fashion,” Flowers says. “She is more into something she can wear with a lot of different clothes and for a long time.”

Flowers describes her customers as “a busy, professional female typically that doesn’t have time to take shoes to the cobbler to be fixed. They just want something cute, durable, and long lasting. They don’t want to get dressed in the morning and have to decide which part of their foot is going to hurt that day.” Flowers has built a loyal customer base, with women who can’t get enough of the classic work shoes.

Flowers recently unveiled her new fall and winter collection, which debuted two new styles never carried before: flats and loafers. Last week, the company hosted a launch party and shopping event for friends and loyal customers. More than 170 people attended and shopped.

The flats and loafers were the most popular shopped styles at the event. Flowers was surprised to see that many customers ordered the new styles with the inclusion of the hot pink heel cap, a detail she almost didn't offer. She thought it might not be popular on the new, more masculine-style shoes. The hot pink heel, which is trademarked to the Claire Flowers brand, is the signature element that sets the shoes apart.

The latest styles are available on the Claire Flowers website and in select stores across St. Louis. In addition to the shoe line, Flowers also features leather shift dresses to shop on the website. She hopes to add handbags to the mix and is working with a factory in Brazil to get prototypes.