One of the best things about Claire Flowers shoes is that they are hand-made by true artisans in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.  The handcrafted shoes are ordered in small production runs. Often times, we sell out of a style's size before the shoes even arrive at our distribution facilities. This is because we take pre-orders which means that a customer can reserve a style/size while it is still being made in Brazil. 

If for whatever reason, you, the customer, decide that you no longer want your pre-order, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can offer your pair to someone else. We will refund you according to the refund policy. 

Timely delivery is important to us. We make all efforts to ensure that we can deliver to our customer within days of getting their pre-orders into our distribution center. For example, we ship our shoes via FedEx air rather than by ocean vessel. We also give our factory ample time to finish the shoes and then add a ship date several weeks after our ex-factory date. We never want the factory to feel hurried as quality is our top priority. From time-to-time, with all of our efforts, there are delays in getting the shoes from Brazil to Claire Flowers Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. After five years in business, we have seen our fair share of shipping delays. Our shoes have been stopped in customs and inspected which can delay scheduled delivery times. We have also had quality issues where we ask our factory to remake certain pairs that are not up to our very high standards. We have also had delays because of hurricanes and other weather-related issues.  In these circumstances, we will notify you, the customer, and give the updated delivery date, at which time, you are welcome to cancel your pre-order.

Please note that Klarna is not an option for Pre-Orders. We only accept traditional payment options

If you have any questions about how pre-orders work, please contact