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Internet privacy is of paramount importance to MindActive Design Studio and MindActive Design Studios. We take your privacy as serious as our own marketing and web publishing services. The success of our business depends upon our ability to maintain the trust of our users. Below is information regarding our companies commitment to protect the privacy of users and to ensure the integrity of the content we serve.

Marketing Initiatives

Information collected via marketing via email or web banner, MindActive Design Studio. does not collect any personally-identifiable information about you, such as your name, address, phone number or email address. MindActive Design Studio. does, however, collect non-personal information about you, such as the server your computer is logged onto, your browser type (for example, Netscape or Internet Explorer), and whether you responded to and e-mail or web banner.
This non-personal information collected by MindActive Design Studio. is used for the purpose of target marketing and measuring a media's effectiveness on behalf of MindActive Design Studio.'s clients and investors. For additional information on the information that is collected by MindActive Design Studio. you may contact us by clicking here.
However, non-personal information collected by MindActive Design Studio. in the course of media delivery can be associated with a user's personal information if that user has agreed to receive personally-tailored media such as creating an ID in our shopping cart or subscribing to a newsletter or opting in where the user voluntarily provides personal information in response to an ad (a survey or purchase form, for example). In these situations, MindActive Design Studio. (or a third party engaged by MindActive Design Studio.) collects the information on behalf of the advertiser and/or Web site. This information is used by the advertiser and/or Web site so that you can receive the goods, services or information that you requested. Where indicated,MindActive Design Studio. may use this information in aggregate form to get a better general understanding of the type of individuals viewing or visiting the Web sites we produce.


MindActive Design Studio. provides automated tools that allow our clients to provide online contests and sweepstakes and giveaways.
All MindActive Design Studio. sweepstakes entry forms must provide a way for you to opt-out of any communication from the sweepstakes manager that is not related to awarding prizes for the sweepstakes. Entry forms must further provide consumers with a choice whether to receive email marketing materials from third parties. When you enter a MindActive Design Studio. sweepstakes or giveaway, the information you provide is not being shared with any third party, unless you agree by checking the opt-in box on the sweepstakes entry form. If you enter a sweepstakes, you agree that the sweepstakes sponsor may use your name in relation to announcing and promoting the winners of the sweepstakes. See the official rules of the sweepstakes you are entering for additional information.
MindActive Design Studio. does collect aggregate, anonymous information about the sweepstakes. That information is primarily used to help sweepstakes managers choose prizes and make other decisions regarding the organization of the sweepstakes or giveaways. MindActive Design Studio. does not associate information provided through the sweepstakes with your other web browsing activities.

Dynamic Emails

MindActive Design Studio. brings to your email browser an HTML formatted newsletter that may include ads. Email is sent only to people who have consented to receive a particular email publication or mailing from a company. If at any time you would like to end your subscription to an email publication or mailing, follow either the directions posted at the end of the email publication or mailing, or the directions at the email newsletters company Web site.
In order to bring you more relevant advertising, your email address may be joined with the information you provided at our client's website and may be augmented with other data sources.

Our Web Sites

Information collected by web sites owned or controlled by MindActive Design Studio, such as sites that have the nuwindow.com domain name, may ask for and collect personally-identifiable information. MindActive Design Studio. is committed to providing meaningful notice and choice to users before any personal information is submitted to us. Specifically, users will be informed about how MindAcitve may use such information, including whether it will be shared with marketing partners or combined with other information available to us.


MindActive Design Studio. offers users who have voluntarily provided personal identifiable information to MindActive Design Studio. the opportunity to review the information provided and to correct any errors.

Cookies and Opt Out

MindActive Design Studio., along with thousands of other Web sites, uses cookies to enhance your Web viewing experience. MindActive Design Studio. cookies do not damage your system or files in any way.
Here's how it works. When you are first served a web page by MindActive Design Studio., MindActive Design Studio. assigns you a unique number and records that number in the cookie file of your computer. Then, when you visit a Web site again MindActive Design Studio. servers read this number to help target custom media to you. Cookies can also help advertisers measure how you utilize an advertiser's site. This information helps our advertisers cater their ads to your needs.
To read more about cookies click here.


MindActive Design Studio. will maintain the confidentiality of the information that it collects during the process of viewing and filling out forms on our, and our clients pages. MindActive Design Studio. maintains internal practices that help to protect the security and confidentiality of this information as well we employ secure server services from online commerce clearing companies that supply us with guarenteed 24 hr monitoring of transactions. We also monitor and limit employee's access to, and use of this information.

Industry Efforts to Protect Consumer Privacy

MindActive Design Studio. is committed to protecting consumer privacy online. We are active members and subscribe to Verisign. For more information about protecting your privacy online, we recommend that you visit www.nai.org, www.netcoalition.com, www.verisign.comand www.privacyalliance.org. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@mindactive.com.