She Hated Her Heels, So She Made Her Own


Thanks to a hectic sales career of constant travel to large cities…and a lifestyle that absolutely destroyed her high heels, Claire Flowers realized women’s shoes were not made for urban work and life.

“On a typical day, I would run through the airport…drive a rental car, walk across a slippery marble hotel lobby floor, cross city grates…and my shoes just couldn’t take it,” she laughs. “There were days when I felt like I was tougher than my shoes. And that was limiting for me. I mean, your clothes shouldn’t be the things that hold you back from reaching your goals. They should help you, right?”

So Claire set about creating the perfect heel. One that could work hard all day long, and then still looked and felt great into the night. With unique attributes including a 2mm-thick non-slip pad on the outsole, a heel cap specifically designed to aid stability and won’t get stuck in city grates, cracks or decks, a protective plate over the heel, and extra cushion to the insole for all day (and night) comfort.

“I was throwing away a pair of shoes once a month, and the thing was…I didn’t even LIKE them. If you pay two or three hundred dollars for a pair of shoes, they shouldn’t just look great. They should feel great too and they should last.”

Through working with factories and footwear connections in Brazil, Portugal, and the United States, Claire built the perfect shoe and is hellbent on creating a line of high heels that stay true to her goal of creating the combination of function and fashion, form and function. “I want other women, women who work as hard as I do every day, to have things a little easier, a little nicer…without having to sacrifice a thing when it comes to fashion. If I can do that, well…it’s more than worth it.”